Sound & Light Therapy - Relax, Rebalance & Revitalize with Sound, Color and Light Waves
In the growing field of "energy medicine" it is well known that our universe is created through patterns of frequency. 

Science is now documenting what mystics of many traditions have known forever. Everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms does so on a vibratory basis. This is obvious if you consider that electrons are always moving and vibrating.

All healing interventions must influence the body by somehow altering its frequency resonance. Healing has often been affected by such modalities as sound, light, music therapy and various other energy medicine techniques that alter the frequency patterns of an individual.

All matter, including herbs, pharmaceuticals, and even food with its accompanying vitamins, minerals and other nutrients could be examined from a frequency perspective which may explain their biological effects. 

About Me...

My name is Jenny Chai. I am employed full-time as a Quality Assurance Manager for a residential home builder and offer these therapy sessions in my free time.  I began the study of alternative healing methods in 2005 and find it fascinating and interesting.  

My passions are reading,  gardening, painting, photography and as of 2012 travel. 

I love animals and nature and have cats.  I am 52, the mother of two daughters. My youngest is in the Air Force and the older is an Air Traffic Controller.  I am very happy to share with you things I have learned to bring about balance and harmony in my life.  I have collected some very effective therapeutic devices, tools, books, music, dvd's, etc. that you can select from to assist you in your journey to well-being.

Please contact me at or  (808) 216-0212 to schedule a visit.

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